Learn to build an app in 3 days, win 30 million.

Any college student can build an app, even with no coding experience. All it takes is the right mindset, tools, and methods. At Mekari Innovator Lab, you will learn all of them in just 3 days, while getting a chance to win 30 million.

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Registration starts from 1 Nov - 29 Dec 2019


Learn how to understand your user, formulate a problem, design a user journey, create an app prototype (no coding required!)


Since there are only 30 students selected through a competitive selection process, being one of them will make you part of a close-knit community: a valuable network for your future.


We give a total of 30 million rupiah for the best teams who successfully implement what they have learned and pitch the best case to the judges.

What is Mekari Innovator Lab?

Mekari Innovator Lab is a 3-day design thinking workshop for 30 selected college students to learn how to build a successful app with no coding required.

We believe that to build a successful app, one needs to master the fundamental skills. The skills to empathize with users, formulate the right problem, and design a great customer experience come before the coding skill itself. This is the place to learn them all.

Who is it for?

Mekari Innovator Lab is open for college students from any major and university in Indonesia, especially for:

Register Your Team

Registration starts from 1 Nov - 29 Dec 2019

Aspiring founder

For those with entrepreneurial spirit, join the Lab to understand the powerful approach to build your own startup.

Aspiring product manager

Product management is one of the most lucrative careers and sought-after skill in the 21st century. Kickstart your career by joining the Lab.

Tech enthusiast

If you’re always excited to know about the next big thing in tech, join the Lab to know the process behind building the world’s greatest apps.

What are the activities?

Day 1

Learn from a problem we have picked

On day 1, will introduce you to the design thinking process using a real case faced by our users. You start with learning how to understand the user and finishes with a low-fidelity prototype.

Day 2

Apply the tools to solve a problem of your choice

On day 2, you will interview several small and medium business owners to understand their problems. Then, you will pick a specific problem you want to solve for them and go through the whole process we taught you to build a refined prototype.

Day 3

Pitch to the judges to win 30 million

On day 3, we give you time to finalize your prototype and prepare your pitch. Each team will then present the result to our CEO. The best teams win a total prize of 30 million.

How do I get selected?

Register Your Team

Registration starts from 1 Nov - 29 Dec 2019

First Round


A team consists of 3 people. Every member of the team has to be a college student from Indonesia. Members of the same team can come from different majors, years, and universities.

Second Round

Case study

If you pass the profile evaluation from the first round, we will send you a case study to be solved in 2 weeks. You will need to submit your answer by creating a 5-slide pitch deck, by following a guideline we will provide.


On this day, we will announce ten groups with the best pitch deck in terms of structure, feasibility, and creativity to join the workshop.

Final Round

Workshop and pitch

At a 3-day workshop in Jakarta, you will learn valuable tools and methods from mentors and industry leaders to refine your case. Applying what you have learned, on the third day you will pitch your case to our CEO. The best teams bring home a total prize of 30 million rupiah.

Still have questions?

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Mekari Innovator Lab is a competition and workshop for college students to learn the skills needed to build a successful and innovative technology product. It’s a blend of competition and workshop in one program.

All highly-driven Indonesian undergraduate college students (S1) interested in tech industry. We welcome students from all majors, years, and universities

You need to form a team of exactly 3 people and fill out the registration form on this website.

Members of the same team can come from different majors, years, and universities.

All teams will go through a competitive selection process. Please refer to Selection Process on this page.

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Learn how to build an app in 3 days, and win 30 million.

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Registration starts from 1 Nov - 29 Dec 2019